from a Google review:

Jan is wonderful with children. She not only has great knowledge of therapy. She seems to have an intuition about specific needs of each child. Our daughter has been seeing her and just loves her.

from Isna G.

Since 2011, two of my children have received services with Mrs. Butler and through the years she has proven her professionalism, skill and wisdom repeatedly. After meeting Jan at a conference, I took my son, who is on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum, for an evaluation. He has since attended a social skills summer camp (Zebra Camp) which he enjoyed very much, and has been receiving language and social skills therapy two times a month. My son loves going to Jan’s and describes her office atmosphere as “relaxing and cozy”. Jan manages to be calm, compassionate and caring with her clients, yet firm in her expectations and the boundaries she set. My son has made great strides through the years and I know that without Jan’s input we would not have been in the place we are now. The boy who refused to make eye contact with most people when he was 4, is now at age 12, the one who is the first to engage children he meets for the first time- while my neuro-typical girls hide in the corner. I know that with Jan’s assistance he will continue to develop his skills. She obviously has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of autism spectrum disorders, which she graciously shares with the parents of her clients.



from Ann W.

I became most acquainted with Jan Butler when my oldest daughter shadowed her. She had observed quite a few others in teaching and speech pathology, but when she came home from observing Jan, she immediately said “I want to do what she is doing!” In addition, my daughter said that Jan encouraged her to look into Purdue where she went, and told her that her roommate in college was a hair dresser and always had money in her pocket. That was confirmation to my daughter that she was to be a speech and language pathologist. Little did Jan know that my daughter was a hair dresser too, and that was the way she was supporting herself through college. All of that to say that when we needed help with our son, it was a no-brainer where to go. He has seen Jan for three years for and auditory processing disorder and has done tremendously from where he ONCE was. Jan is sooo encouraging, praying for my son and seeking Godly wisdom. Money well spent on my priceless gift from God!


from a Google review:

Jan has been a wonderful resource and teacher for my special needs child. The social skills groups and Zebra camp are top-notch.





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