We provide autism consulting services for children in St. Louis, Mo. 

Autism consulting consists of observation and interaction with your autistic child across multiple environments, when possible.  


Hourly Autism Consulting

Hourly consulting can be done in a variety of settings: home, school, sporting events, clubs or meetings, church, etc.  

After observation of your child, a meeting will be held with parents, teachers, and others involved to discuss observations, address concerns, give suggestions, and develop a plan to help your child better adapt to their environment and respond appropriately in different settings. Problems noted by the parents or others will be addressed.  A report summarizing the observation and plan will be written and mailed to the home within 2 weeks. 

Contact us to schedule hourly autism consulting.

Full day Autism Consulting is generally conducted in a school setting.  


Full Day Autism Consulting              

speech therapy for autism

After initial paperwork is completed, the student will be observed several hours across multiple settings and interacting with multiple people.  A team meeting will be held that day with staff involved with the student. At the meeting, observational notes will be discussed. Problems noted by the staff will be addressed. Suggestions and a plan will be developed to help the student respond more appropriately with teachers and peers.  A report summarizing the observation
and plan will be written and mailed to the school within 2 weeks.  A follow-up session is often required.  

Contact us to schedule full day autism consulting.

Autism and Language Stimulation: Helping Your Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder
by Jan Butler, SLP CCC


Autism is a language impairment. From the low functioning, non-verbal child to the high functioning 
Asperger’s child, all kids on the autism spectrum have some need for language stimulation. There are
many speech and language problems in autism. 
Even if you think they don’t understand, talk to them. 
Talk to your child!

Explain what you are doing and why.

For example:

  • I am wiping the counter because it is sticky.                                       
  • I am going to drive down Clayton Road because there is an accident on Manchester.
  • I am washing my hands so I don’t spread germs, etc.  


Explain what is happening in your environment.

For example:

  • We will go in the door with the green “in” sign (point), not the red “out” sign.
  • I will use the bathroom with the lady on the door because I am a lady.
    (pointing) We know this is a lady because she's wearing a dress.  The picture of a
    man is wearing the pants. 
  • This is the end of the line. We need to wait here until it is our turn. Look for a check out
    line that has a light on, the others are not open. I only have 2 items, let’s go through
    the express lane (explain what express lanes are for).


Explain how you come to a decision.

For example:

  • I’m trying to decide what to make for dinner. We have chicken and beef. We had chicken 2 days ago, so maybe we will have beef.
  • Should I mow the lawn or mop the floor. It is supposed to rain tomorrow. I guess I should mow the lawn today, because I won’t be able to tomorrow.
  • This check out line is longer than the next one, let’s go there. There are less people in this line, but they have more in their baskets.
    Let’s try the next line.

Watching you problem solve will help them learn, talk through what you are thinking.


Explain social situations as they occur.

For example:

  • If someone is holding a door for you, grab the door and say thank you, don’t just walk through it.
  • If someone is behind you going through the door, hold the door open until they reach it from you.
  • There are too many people in this aisle, let’s try
    the next one.


In addition to modeling language, encourage them to talk.

For example:

  • Encourage/insist on your autistic child using language to their fullest ability. 
  • Insist on them using language to request things, answer questions, and to be socially polite (please, thank you, hi, bye, etc.).
  • Always encourage them to talk more and use longer sentences than they do on their own. 


Language is difficult.  Most autistic kids will talk the minimum they can get away with, but they can often give you more with some encouragement.


Encourage more without frustrating them.


Finally, read, read, read to your child! Find the books that hold their attention, and read to them often.  
Asking questions increases their social reciprocity skills and makes story time more interactive.

Read to them even when they are older and read well themselves. It is a fun parent/child activity that opens the door to much discussion.


Jan Butler is the founder and president of Victory Speech Therapy and Autism Consulting  LLC.

She has been working as a Speech-Language Pathologist for over 26 years. Jan has developed a speech therapy method that is unique and superior to other speech therapy options elsewhere.

Through Project ACCESS, Jan has completed training courses on Sensorimotor Integration and the Child with Autism, Working with Autistic Students in the Schools, and In-District Autism Consultant Training.

Parents often ask, "Does speech therapy work for autism"? Yes it can! Many parents report that
speech & language therapy specializing in autism spectrum disorders provides a great and needed
help for autism in St. Louis, Missouri.

Contact us to see how we can help your child.  

Read this review from a happy Mom:

"My son has been working with Jan Butler for almost five years,
and in that time she has done an amazing job! She works with
him on speech/language skills as well as other pre-academic
skills and he has come so far with her tireless efforts.  Mrs. Butler
has just the right blend of experience, patience, innovation,
compassion, and stubbornness to be very effective with the
special children on the autism spectrum.  She also does a
wonderful job of keeping me up to date on my son’s progress
and offers good ideas of things I can do at home to further his
development.  My son loves going for his sessions every week
and I feel we are very blessed to have found her!  I would
recommend her to any parent looking for a speech therapist."

                                                            -- Jolene S.


                                                                                                                                              Return to top





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